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Photo Editing with Snapseed

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About This Class

Do you want to make stunning images? Do you feel no matter how pretty your product/subject, your photographs are just - missing -that WOW factor? Do you want your social media images to be a cut above the rest? I've got you covered! Learn how to create pleasing images and edit your images for social media or a quick product shoot for your website! Anyone can edit - no fancy software required. You can edit all your images right here, on your phone - with a FREE app! What you'll learn: -How to use Snapseed basics. -How to create, save, export presets. -Healing/rectifying/enhancing images. (This is is not image manipulation like Photoshop, its just editing, so be real!) -Composing pleasing images for various platforms. -Fixing white balance, basic color correction and using appropriate filters. What this Class is NOT: -Its not MAGIC. I can't make something appear , that which is not already present in your photo. -This is not a photography class. -This is not a step-by-step or tool-by-tool tutorial. I'll teach you all the relevant tools and settings and principles of editing. You will explore the app and learn in the process. At the end of the class, you should be able to create some stunning images that you will fall in love with. you will have developed a better eye for composition, color schemes and presentation. You will be able to see a stark difference in the way you edit images & your approach to editing. Let's get started!

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