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Want some  molds in a hurry? Want to just try your hand at something without spending too much? Do you like saving on supplies , even if its just a bit here and there? Then you've come to the right page!! Here you'll find my "rejected" molds - those that have tiny imperfections. Scroll below to learn what-is-what and figure out which would suit you best.

  • Please read everything below before buying.

  • Individual videos/photos of each damage in the molds WILL NOT BE Uploaded. Only generic images of the molds will be listed for reference.

  • No returns/refunds/replacements will be provided for the destatsh molds.

  • Destash molds might have any of the below defects mentioned below based on which Grade they are. Please check if they will suit your needs/type before purchasing.

  Grade B Molds  

  • These are new molds.

  • Molds that are rejected purely for appearances/aesthetic reasons only.

  • Castings made from these molds are 100% okay as normal molds.

  • They might have more than a few bubbles on the back/sides of the mold.

  • They may have dust /fibres particles inside the mold.

  • They may have a cross undercut on the bottom or sides.

  • These defects will NOT affect the performance of the mold in any way when compared to a full-priced mold.

  Grade C Molds  

  • These are new molds.

  • Molds that are rejected due to minor errors during finishing.

  • Castings made from these molds may require mild sanding/post processign after casting the piece.

  • They might have a bubble or two on the inner/under sides of the mold - which will require a minor amount of sanding of the cast pieces.

  • They may have undercutting issues on the rim - the edges of the cast pieces will have to be sanded mildy to fix it.

  • They may be off-centred - so the wall may be thin on one side. This will be mentioned if so but wont affect the casting.

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